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EC Softens on Tobacco Ads

Magazine article Marketing

EC Softens on Tobacco Ads

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EC softens on tobacco ads

European proposals which would have stamped out creative imagery in UK tobacco advertising have been dropped in what looks like a major reprieve for the industry.

Health officials from European Community (EC) governments met in Rome last week, determined to finalise a legally-binding agreement on tobacco advertising during Italy's six-month presidency of the European Community, which has just started.

While traditionally Italy has been strongly prohibitionist towards tobacco ads - it has had a national ban for over 20 years - it is proving less hawkish while it occupies the chair.

The search is now on for a compromise which health ministers can consider by the end of 1990. A favoured plan is to legislate on the lines of the UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) rules designed to avoid ads that glamorise smoking.

This is seen as a concession to member-states like the UK and the Netherlands which continue to use "imagery". …

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