Magazine article The RMA Journal

Presenting the "Power of Now". (Knowledge Management)

Magazine article The RMA Journal

Presenting the "Power of Now". (Knowledge Management)

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Once upon a time, there seemed to be more of it (time, that is). But now, whether it's assessing skills, getting up to speed on new skills, or getting the skinny on an industry or company, the need is immediate. RMA is pleased to provide the power of now."

Momentum. You remember the principle: "A body at rest tends to remain at rest; a body in motion tends to remain in motion." Business, take note!

As corporate managers, you're tasked with building business velocity--not jumps and jerks of speed, but sustained speed. Immediacy is crucial to the success of the enterprise.

In this "everyone-is-an-entrepreneur" world, your role is one of organizational focus, collaboration, and connectivity. ROI (return on investment) is king, and the king's evil sister is the baseline cost of capital!

As you exercise due diligence and sort out the value drivers of your company, you will surely find that a primary driver of value is people." Often viewed as an expense entry on a balance sheet, people are the sine qua non of efficient business. Part of the challenge is to attract exceptional employees to your company. Training and retaining them are equally challenging. How do you attract, retain, and train your human resources? If we take a lesson from the world of physics, one way to retain and train them is to keep them fully engaged: "A learner in motion tends to remain in motion." If you're truly building an accelerated enterprise with sustainable velocity, you'll need skilled people to maintain the business momentum. You'll need the "power of now." RMA now has three power sources you can plug right into.

What's New in the Learning Lineup?

EMentor[TM}". eMentor is a bank-wide performance tool. Whenever someone has a question about a process, practice, or an aspect of the industry, they can access the knowledge base, get their answer, and get back to work. It's on their desktop, minimized and ready for action whenever it's needed.

eMentor is RMA. It contains RMA's proprietary industry information and the wealth of best practices extracted from RMA's extensive training resources. Banks can also upload their individual bank policy into a secure virtual area where a single site search can pull out industry information, business processes, and that particular bank's policies--an elegant and efficient solution to answering a banker's question in the shortest time imaginable. As a web-enabled tool, it is offered as an institutional license, based on asset size.

Mentor[R] Online. You may be familiar with RMA's multimedia CD-ROM courses (if not, visit www.rmahq.og/Online Prods/eMentor.html for the 50-cent tour). …

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