Magazine article Modern Trader

PFG Puts the Client First! with Superior Customer Service and Technological Innovations. (Advertorial)

Magazine article Modern Trader

PFG Puts the Client First! with Superior Customer Service and Technological Innovations. (Advertorial)

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PFG's unique journey to brokerage prominence began more than two decades ago in small-town Iowa, where a modest firm began providing much-needed research and education services to investors and brokers alike. Today, from its headquarters at the center of Chicago's financial district, PFG serves as a model for today's new service-oriented brokerage firm.

The firm's early commitment to quality customer service remains intact, serving as the foundation for a company that consistently develops and delivers quality, forward-looking technology and services to its customers. It is this combination of product innovation and client-focused tradition that continues to carry both PFG and its customers from success to new success.

Superior Customer Service

From Wall Street to LaSalle Street, brokerage firms have been forced to direct more and more resources toward the development of technology. The decision to support this development at the expense of customer service has been all too common. Investors have become reluctant recipients of what currently passes for customer service from many of the larger online trading companies. These firms made an assumption several years ago that has now returned to haunt them. They assumed that "online" customers would be satisfied with "online," or e-mail, customer service. PFG took a boldly different tack, recognizing early on that quality customer service would be the hallmark of their online success, not a quaint ancillary component. One of the greatest advantages to this early recognition is that PFG now boasts a customer service department comprising seasoned, knowledgeable, personable, reliable and dedicated professionals. This team is now acknowledged as the industry high-water mark.

BEST Direct Online Trading

While many firms in the 1980's were either in denial about the impending tech revolution, or were becoming dependent upon perceived "experts" and developers with their own priorities, PFG made the decision and considerable investment to build its own system - BEST Direct Online Trading. After all, the customers' priorities remain PFG's priorities. And, it was customer demand that provided the impetus for the introduction of simulated online trading. …

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