Magazine article The Futurist

WorldView 2002: Futures Unlimited!

Magazine article The Futurist

WorldView 2002: Futures Unlimited!

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The Annual Conference of the World Future Society July 20-22, 2002

Loews Philadelphia Hotel, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Plus: Professional Members' Forum July 23, 2002

World View 2002: Futures Unlimited!

is less than a month away! Register now and save $70 over the on-site registration fee.

The opportunity to participate in the annual conference of the World Future Society is one of the most valuable benefits of your membership. You'll exchange ideas with forward-looking men and women from around the world. And you'll discover innovative projects and programs you may not otherwise have had the chance to explore.

World Future Society meetings have inspired participants to form new partnerships, new associations, new friendships, and even new businesses. You'll find a wealth of possible answers to the question, Where do we go from here?

Meet FUTURIST Authors!

Society conferences offer you the unique opportunity to get to know experts in a wide variety of fields. Many of the authors whose articles you've read in THE FUTURIST will be at WorldView 2002, either as speakers or as attendees. Among the authors on the program are:

* Walter Truett Anderson, author of AU Connected Now

* Clement Bezold, president of Institute for Alternative Futures

* Marvin J. Cetron, president of Forecasting International Ltd.

* Harlan Cleveland, author of Nobody in Charge

* Joseph F. Coates, consulting futurist and co-author of 2025

* Peter de Jager, consultant specializing in change and technology

* John Diebold, author of the classic Automation

* Jacque Fresco, director of The Venus Project

* Joyce Gioia, co-author, Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People

* Hazel Henderson, independent futurist, author of Building a Win-Win World

* Roger Herman, co-author, Impending Crisis: Too Many Jobs, Too Few People

* Rushworth Kidder, president and founder of the Institute for Global Ethics

* Donald Louria, M.D., author of FUTURIST article "Second Thoughts on Extending Life-Spans"

* Michael Marien, editor of Future Survey

* Graham T.T. Molitor, co-editor, Encyclopedia of the Future

* James Morrison, editor-in-chief, The Technology Source

* John L. Petersen, president, The Arlington Institute, and author of Out of the Blue

* Alan L. Porter, emeritus professor at Georgia Tech specializing in technology forecasting

* David Pearce Snyder, lifestyles editor of THE FUTURIST

Jacque Fresco will speak at WorldView 2002 on the ideas that led to his new book The Best That Money Can't Buy and projects depicted in the stunning photo essay in the January - February 2002 issue of THE FUTURIST.

Hot Topics to Be Discussed

World View 2002 will give you the opportunity to share thoughts and insights about the events of September 11 and the crucial lessons we must learn. Sample sessions:

* September 11th and the Generational Cycles of History

* After September 11th: Long-Range Scenarios of the War on Terrorism

* The Death of Linear Thinking: September 11th Through the Lens of Complexity Science

Lt. Gen. Patrick M. Hughes (U.S. Army, retired) will also present a special session on U.S. Homeland Security: Issues and Challenges.

Other hot topics:

* Community Transformation and the Art of Generative Dialogue

* Modern and Ancient Practices: Creating High Performing Business Environments

* Theories and Tools for Forecasting Planning and Problem Solving: An Introduction to Think Tools

* Early Warning: The Art of Inference

* Story Telling the Future

* The Coming Age of Talking Computers: It Will Change the Way You Work, Whether You Like it or Not

* New Developments in Nanotechnology: Blueprints for the 22nd Century

* The Future of Cities

* The Future of Philanthropy

* The Impact of the Internet on the Patient-Physician Relationship

* Discovering Tomorrow's Business Ideas from Today's Science Fiction

* The Future of Males: Decline or Transformation

* The Future of Work

* Globalized Graying Beckons Innovations in Health Care: An Introduction to Anti-Aging Medicine and Technodemography

* Life-Sciences Era: The Fourth Wave of Health-Care Advancement

Sessions Just Added! …

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