Magazine article Marketing

OPINION: Those Who Embrace Customer Needs Will Emerge the Victors

Magazine article Marketing

OPINION: Those Who Embrace Customer Needs Will Emerge the Victors

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The first shots have been fired in the Portal War. It is a war that will involve thousands of marketers and billions of euros for the next decade. And it will make all previous outbreaks of marketing warfare look like skirmishes.

In the last century the most notable marketing heroes and the strongest consumer brands emerged from the most competitive strategic battles. When we look back at the 21st century it is likely that its marketing history will be dominated by the case studies, personalities and brands that emerge from the Portal War.

A portal is a personal device that effectively performs a multitude of functions for its user. Go to the nearest electronics retailer on your high street. Gaze into the window and make a mental note of all the different categories of electronic products on view. Then accept the fact that within 15 years all of these categories will have been made obsolete by a single device: a portal.

What will make this war unique in marketing history is the enormous amount at stake for some of the largest corporations in the world. Rather than all originating from a single market, the cross-functional nature of a portal ensures that the combatants will be drawn from across the corporate spectrum.

Most of these corporations are already beginning to make their first moves. Palm has been a market leader in personal organisers for years.

Compaq, however, is leveraging its expertise in the portable computing industry to enter this market. Nokia occupies the current high ground in the telephone handset market and claims one of the strongest consumer brands around. …

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