Making Most of Parent-Teacher Conferences. (Your Life)

Article excerpt

Parent-teacher conferences are a good time to find out how children are doing in school, and being prepared can make the meeting even more beneficial. Ann Knackendoffel, assistant professor of special education, Kansas State University, Manhattan, has several tips that can help parents accomplish more in parent-teacher conferences. "Time is usually limited to about 20 minutes per child, so the first thing parents may want to do is make a list of questions and concerns to make sure they don't forget anything." Some possible questions include:

* Is my child attentive during lessons?

* How well does my child get along with classmates?

* How much homework is normal and what can I do to assist my child with homework?

* What books should my child be reading?

* Are there any disciplinary concerns with which I could help?

"Parents may not have a good idea of what is normal or what they should expect of their children. Parent-teacher conferences give parents a chance to find out what the teacher's expectations are and what they can do to assist. …


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