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Sound bite.(Interview)

Magazine article Book

Sound bite.(Interview)

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BOOK When you finished writing The Bridges of Madison County, did you think that you would ever continue the story?

WALLER No. And when I finished A Thousand Country Roads, I heard the soft click of a big door behind me. So I think the story is finished now.

BOOK What is it about ordinary people and places that captivates you so much?

WALLER I'm just fascinated by the day-to-day theater that goes on in grain elevators, bars, restaurants, mostly small-town places. That's what I'm familiar with. When people say, "Well, I'm going to go to New York and be a writer," I respond, "Why do you want to go to New York? Why don't you just go downtown? There are at least five novels down there at the grocery store if you just hang around long enough."

BOOK You're currently working on a photography book. What subject matter do you gravitate toward?

WALLER Whatever I find. You can turn me loose in a junkyard with a camera and I'm really happy. …

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