Magazine article Technology & Learning

Streamlining and Enhancing E-Mail. (In-Service)

Magazine article Technology & Learning

Streamlining and Enhancing E-Mail. (In-Service)

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Although the basics of e-mail involve simply sending, receiving, and reading messages, the "e-mail experience" can be streamlined and enhanced through the use of features common to most programs.

Using Folders

Just as we create folders on our computers to help organize and categorize files, we can create folders within many e-mail programs to do the same with our e-mails. For example, a teacher may put all e-mails from the principal into one folder and all e-mails from a professional e-mail group into another. That way it becomes easier to later find that e-mail from the principal regarding assessment, or the one from the professional group discussing math techniques.

Sorting Your Mail Within a Folder

Even after you put your e-mail into various folders, you may find that the number of messages within any one folder can grow fairly large. In that case you can then sort the mail within the folder any number of ways. The default sort is usually by date, with the list of e-mails appearing chronologically. However, try clicking on the "From" column. The messages will then be grouped by the sender's name--perfect for finding a message from a specific person regardless of when it was sent. Alternatively, try clicking on the "Subject" column if you know what the message was entitled, but not who sent it or when it was sent.

Adding a Signature to Your E-mail

Each time you send a professional e-mail, especially if it is to people who may not know you (say, a posting on a forum), you may want to sign it with your name, title, school district, and other information. Most e-mail programs have a feature that allows you to enter this information once and then have it automatically appended to the end of any e-mail you compose. Some e-mail programs give you the option of creating a number of these signatures from which you can choose each time you create an e-mail.

E-mail Stationery

To further personalize your outgoing e-mails try creating e-mail stationery. Many e-mail programs have a feature that allows you to create a template so that all outgoing e-mail messages use the font, size, color, and style of your choosing. Some let you automatically include a graphic image, such as your school district logo, in your e-mails. …

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