Magazine article Insight on the News

Left-Wing Media Hit Bush; Fidel and Saddam Are in Cahoots. (the Insider)

Magazine article Insight on the News

Left-Wing Media Hit Bush; Fidel and Saddam Are in Cahoots. (the Insider)

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Media coverage of the Bush administration's consideration of a military strike against Iraq has been 72 percent negative, according to a Center for Media and Public Affairs study, with TV networks more anti-Bush on this than even the New York Times.

* Fidel Castro has been supplying Iraq with intelligence gathered through electronic listening stations and Cuban DGI spy networks targeting everything from U.S. strategic bases to government mail rooms.

* A year after the Sept. 11 attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, a comprehensive review of the debriefing of survivors in counseling and therapy sessions made available by authorities shows the sessions to have been ineffective and potentially harmful. A recently released Dutch study found that such "debriefing[s] may even put survivors at heightened risk for later developing mental-health problems." Richard Gist, a psychologist at the University of Missouri in Kansas City who published an editorial in the Lancet medical journal accompanying the study, refers to the sessions, sometimes required of first-responders, as "something between a social movement, a pyramid scheme and a cult."

* Linda Hall Daschle, the beauty-queen lobbyist wife of Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-S.D.), profited from the Federal Aviation Administration's decisions concerning the purchase of faulty bomb-detecting machines, says Judicial Watch Chairman Larry Klayman in his new book, Fatal Neglect.

* Retired longtime CBS anchorman Waiter Cronkite not only has revealed his commitment to the United World Federalists, who propose abolishing the U.S. Constitution in favor of world law under the United Nations, but says the attacks of Sept. 11 "very definitely" could have been caused by U.S. foreign policy and failure of Americans to give enough money to the world's poor.

* Since the current round of terrorist attacks against Israel began two years ago, 31 Jewish Americans have been killed there and one Palestinian American.

* An escaped mistress of Saddam Hussein tells ABC the Iraqi dictator enjoys watching videos of his enemies being tortured, that she saw Osama bin Laden in one of Saddam's palaces in Baghdad and that Saddam gave bin Laden money. …

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