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Business Education Division. (Division Report)

Magazine article Techniques

Business Education Division. (Division Report)

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Look Out Las Vegas, Here We Come

You have heard New York City called the "city that never sleeps;" well, I have been told that there isn't any reason to try to sleep in Las Vegas. There is always something to do there--day or night.

In addition to everything else that always goes on there, ACTE is on its way this December. The convention is December 12-15, 2002, and the sessions that have been planned are thought provoking, educational and will keep you interested. The headquarters hotel for the Business Education Division is the MGM. The convention is sure to brighten your outlook on life as well as give you something to take home. Check out the ACTE Web site ( for more information.

ACTE/Business Education Online

Check it out! The Business Education Division is online. The ACTE Web site has been revamped. If you haven't spent some time recently looking over the site, you definitely should take a few minutes out of your busy day. You will be pleasantly surprised. You should especially check out the business education site at The newsletter is placed there with special information about the issues in the field. There will also be detailed information about the conference events.

Teacher Shortage?

What is your opinion? Is there a teacher shortage? In some areas, educational institutions are really searching for almost any warm body that is willing to take the teacher's chair. In other areas, teachers are being let go due to shrinking enrollments. What is the situation in your part of the country?

The situation is critical no matter which scenario you are dealing with. Business education programs are being affected. Programs are being cut! This situation is grave, and it doesn't appear that it will be alleviated any time soon.

Do you have any suggestions? If so, do not hesitate to discuss your suggestions with your administrators.

Mission and Purpose of the Business Education Division


The mission of the Business Education Division of the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) is to provide support and information for business education programs in preparing people for the international and domestic workforce, furthering education, and understanding the American and global economic systems. …

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