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Byline: Jeff Giles with Seth Mnookin, John Horn

Some Seins of Life

Jerry Seinfeld believes in nothing like nobody's business: he devoted his sitcom to it, not to mention the past few years of his life. These days, however, he is clearly up to something. The funny, revealing new documentary "Comedian" follows Seinfeld--as well as a promising and tightly wound comic named Orny Adams--as he heads back to the clubs with the agonizing, electrifying task of creating a new stand-up routine from scratch. Seinfeld is one of the most unflappable celebrities in history. Still, there are moments in the film--when he forgets his train of thought in the middle of a bit, or groans offstage about lousy audiences--when he looks very nearly flapped. Just hearing him use the F word is a revelation of sorts.

Not for a second, of course, do you believe somebody as brilliant as Seinfeld could fail. The comedian is doing his new act in theaters around the country now--he'll hit Minneapolis, Detroit, Buffalo, Chicago, Tampa and St. Louis before Thanksgiving. On a recent night in Pittsburgh, Seinfeld sidled up to the mike and intoned, "So we meet again." He riffed about fatherhood, the Taliban, SUVs, barbed-wire tattoos and those news tickers that crawl along the TV. ("Don't these network idiots understand we don't want to read?! We're watching television!") The audience gave him a boisterous standing O. A new routine isn't a new sitcom--but it ain't nothing.

--Jeff Giles with Seth Mnookin

Mary Hart

Mary Hart just celebrated her 20th anniversary tossing softballs at Hollywood stars on "Entertainment Tonight." NEWSWEEK's John Horn asked the former Miss South Dakota about surviving on television's mostfawning show:

Is it fair to say you don't like asking tough questions?

Am I afraid to ask Lorenzo Lamas about his terrible divorce? …

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