Magazine article International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Books Reviewed

Magazine article International Bulletin of Missionary Research

Books Reviewed

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Abrams, Elliott, ed. The Influence of Faith: Religious Groups and U.S. Foreign Policy, 26:132.

Aizan, Yamaji. Essays on the Modern Japanese Church: Christianity in Modern Japan, 26:42-43.

Alberigo, Giuseppe, ed. The History of the Vatican II: Vol. 3. The Mature Council: Second Period and Intersession. September 1963-September 1964, 26:182.

Ariel, Yaakov. Evangelizing the Chosen People: Mission to the Jews in America, 1880-2000, 26:36-37.

Barrett, David B., and Todd M. Johnson. World Christian Trends, A.D. 30-A.D. 2200: Interpreting the Annual Christian Megacensus, 26:128-30.

Barrett, David B., George T. Kurian, and Todd M. Johnson. World Christian Encylopedia: A Comparative Survey of Churches and Religions in the Modern World, Second Edition, 26:128-30.

Barrow, Simon, and Graeme Smith, eds. Christian Mission in Western Society, 26:186.

Belshaw, Deryke, Robert Calderisi, and Chris Sugden, eds. Faith in Development: Partnership Between the World Bank and the Churches of Africa, 26:185-86.

Brandewie, Ernest. In the Light of the Word: Divine Word Missionaries of North America, 26:136.

Bria, Ion, Philippe Chanson, Jacques Gadille, and Marc Spindler, eds. Dictionnaire oecumenique de missiologie: Cent mots pour la mission., 26:182.

Brueggemann, Walter, ed. Hope for the World: Mission in a Global Context, 26:132-33.

Camps, Arnulf. Studies in Asian Mission History, 1956-1998, 26:140.

Chang, Curtis. Engaging Unbelief: A Captivating Strategy from Augustine and Aquinas, 26:135.

Cohn-Sherbok, Dan. Messianic Judaism, 26:134-35.

_____ Voices of Messianic Judaism: Confronting Critical Issues Facing a Maturing Movement, 26:134-35.

Dudley-Smith, Timothy. John Stott: A Global Ministry, 26:184.

Enang, Kenneth. Nigerian Catholics and the Independent Churches: A Call to Authentic Faith, 26:92.

Freston, Paul. Evangelicals and Politics in Asia, Africa, and Latin America, 26:136-37.

Guder, Darrell L. The Continuing Conversion of the Church, 26:90-91.

Harley, Christopher David. Missionary Training: The History of All Nations Christian College and Its Predecessors (1911-1981), 26:88.

Hedges, Paul. Preparation and Fulfilment: A History and Study of Fulfilment Theology in Modern British Thought in the Indian Context, 26:84-85.

Heideman, Eugene P. From Mission to Church: The Reformed Church of America Mission in India, 26:136.

Hiney, Tom. On the Missionary Trail: A Journey Through Polynesia, Asia, and Africa with the London Missionary Society, 26:41.

Hunter, George G., III. The Celtic Way of Evangelism: How Christianity Can Reach the West...Again, 26:93.

Kaiyuan, Zhang, ed. Eyewitness to Massacre: American Missionaries Bear Witness to Japanese Atrocities in Nanjing, 26:91-92.

Kalu, Ogbu U. Power, Poverty, and Prayer: The Challenges of Poverty and Pluralism in African Christianity, 1960-1996, 26:86.

Kehberg, Norma. The Cross in the Land of the Khukuri, 26:142.

Kidwell, Clara Sue, Homer Noley, and George E. "Tink" Tinker. A Native American Theology, 26:182-83.

Knitter, Paul F. Introducing Theologies of Religions, 26:183-84.

Korey, William. NGOs and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: "A Curious Grapevine", 26:40.

Love, Fran, and Jeleta Eckheart. Ministry to Muslim Women: Longing to Call Them Sisters, 26:36. …

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