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Psychometric Tests Can Help Communication

Magazine article Marketing

Psychometric Tests Can Help Communication

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Psychometric tests can help communication

Psychometric tests - multiple choice questionnaires claimed to gauge a person's aptitudes - have become commonplace in recruitment. New graduates especially face batteries of these tests by all kinds of employers trying to avoid hiring the wrong people.

But one sales promotion company has used such a test to improve the effectiveness of one of its client's promotions programmes. In fact many companies are using such methods to improve training and internal communications.

This application of psychometric testing, however, is not all that radical. The Myers-Briggs indicator - the world's most widely used psychometric test - was never designed to be a recruitment tool, says chartered psychologist Ann Boyle.

Such tests do not predict ability, she says. "The Myers-Briggs may tell me I'm an ideas person, but says nothing about the quality of my ideas."

Psychometric assessments, however, can be used to improve employee communications, or so it's claimed.

Glasgow-based sales promotion company DMS Scotland employed Boyle (who works for Interact, one of Glasgow's human resource development consultancies) to discover why a client's first sales promotion was an uneven success. …

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