Magazine article Marketing

Slow Going on Slogos

Magazine article Marketing

Slow Going on Slogos

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Slow going on slogos

Branding is supposed to be about product differentiation. And slogos, the slogans that go with brand logos, are supposed to help products along the way. But do they?

When we at Marketing asked Timothy Foster to construct a quiz to test readers' knowledge of brand slogos, it was meant to be a bit of fun. But the results have been startling.

Give a monkey a choice between two knobs - one correct and one incorrect - and overall you would expect him to get it right around half the time. But when marketers were faced with a choice between two brand names for one slogo, in some cases a majority got it wrong. Spectacularly so.

Take the slogo "The number one authority on facsimile". Nefax or Panasonic? Well, 75% of our respondents got it wrong. The answer is Panasonic. Then there's "If you really want to know". Newsweek was picked by 70%. But the right answer was Encyclopedia Britannica.

Marketers are clever people. Most of them have degrees. They take an interest in things like brands, advertising and slogos. So when a slogo seems to actively mislead marketers, it means that trouble is brewing. …

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