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Factiva Launches Factiva Fusion for Enterprise Digital Integration. (News Break)

Magazine article Information Today

Factiva Launches Factiva Fusion for Enterprise Digital Integration. (News Break)

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Factiva has introduced Factiva Fusion, a digital content management service that integrates, indexes, and interfaces internal and external data for an enterprise. Factiva Fusion can gather data from internal documents; external sources, such as the open Web; and licensed content, primarily Factiva's. Customized interfaces can then unify the presentation of the data to accommodate user needs. Most of the technology behind Factiva Fusion already existed in earlier Factiva enterprise offerings, but the launch marks Factiva's accelerating entry into the Web services arena and its move beyond its traditional role as a content provider.

Factiva has developed Fusion by expanding the systems it uses internally to process some 100,000 news articles a day from nearly 8,000 sources. Factiva Fusion's customers can integrate internal content (such as research papers, presentations, proposals, customer records, etc.) with Factiva's news and business information and other external content, including public Web sites, for use in portals and intranets.

"Intelligently managing the volume of unstructured content-85 percent of all data--is a huge challenge facing organizations today," said Clare Hart, president and CEO of Factiva.

The development of Factiva Fusion stems from experience in using component technologies with enterprise customers to determine overall client needs for a more full-service package. "What is new," according to Pat Sabosik, Factiva's vice president and director of global marketing, "is our new platform of Web services. We have XML across all our product lines with an API and Intelligent Indexing for our customers' content."

Hart said, "Factiva Fusion leverages knowledge assets by providing individuals with relevant information and the confidence that all resources have been consulted." I asked her about integrating licensed content not from Factiva, for example, but from Factiva competitors like LexisNexis or Dialog. She admitted that data from these large services with legacy systems might lie beyond Factiva Fusion's reach. However, she said that many customers preferred access to private publishers and smaller niche market online providers. Hart said they could handle this kind of data source.

Factiva Fusion processing involves the following four components:

* Discovery--Retrieves a company's internal and external (both structured and unstructured) content from multiple sources. Factiva has adapted the AltaVista search engine for Web content harvesting and taps more than 9,000 Web sources in some 20 languages.

* Normalization--Converts all content into a consistent XML format

* Categorization--Automatically applies a custom taxonomy based on Factiva Intelligent Indexing with support from Factiva's partner, Inxight Software

* Export--Presents content for unified searching or downstream XML integration into enterprise applications

Factiva Fusion also incorporates an editorial interface for content collection and taxonomy management, and a pre-defined search interface for out-of-the-box access to unified content. The Factiva Fusion developer's kit allows companies to integrate Web services that are designed to enhance specific job functions within the organizations.

The Factiva Fusion system works on Microsoft Windows 2000 Server and Red Hat Linux 7.2 Server. Sabosik indicated that the company already had its technological development team working on Sun Solaris compatibility and would pursue any other platform for which there was customer demand. …

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