BOOKS: HINTS FROM A HEAVYWEIGHT - This Encyclopaedia of Business Management Is Crammed Full of Helpful Advice and Information, Says Charles McSweeney. Impress Your Boss

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Business - The Ultimate Resource; Edited by Daniel Goleman et al; Bloomsbury pounds 40.00.

The advent of the internet should have meant that there was no need to compile a 2,172-page, 3.6kg resource of all things businesslike. But the internet doesn't allow for the nuances of human nature in the way that scrambling through a big book does. That makes Business - The Ultimate Resource a useful and powerful tool.

A few years ago, 'MBA in a week' books were topping the US business books charts. The Ultimate Resource is much more than that. It is a business management encyclopaedia. Think of any business concept or management guru and it's sure to be included: from Sun Tzu's Art of War to The Wealth of Nations by Adam Smith, from John Adair to Frank W Woolworth. It would be hard to find any top business names and topics missing.

A lot of thought has gone into compiling this compendium. Seven sections cover basic topics. There is Best Practice - a choice of 160 of the most influential business essays, interjected with specialist viewpoints (Charles Handy, Warren Bennis, etc) to link articles together. Next is Management Checklists and Actionlists, full of do's and don'ts and FAQs. Then Management Library, a handful of summaries of the landmark books that never age.

Each page offers the reasons for the book's importance and an insight into its overall contribution.

Other sections cover Business Thinkers and Management Giants, a synopsis of individuals who either provided groundbreaking business ideas (Machiavelli to Covey) or went out and did it (Ford to Gates). There's an A-Z Dictionary for those moments when someone baffles you with management babble. The World Business Almanac is an attempt to capture economic data for each and every world country. And finally, the Business Information Resources section, which delves even deeper into any of the topics covered.

If this is not enough to wet your whistle, by purchasing Business - The Ultimate Resource, you get password access to a web site providing updates, upgrades, latest information and special contributions from management thinkers. …


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