Magazine article History Today

The 18th century.(bibliography)(Bibliography)

Magazine article History Today

The 18th century.(bibliography)(Bibliography)

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Marking the 250th anniversary of one of the most famous cultural and historic institutions in the world, The British Museum: A History by David M. Wilson (British Museum Press, 35 [pounds sterling])is an account of the curators, buildings and collections since the foundation of the famed institution in 1753.

The Stones of Balazuc: A French Village in Time by John Merriman (W.W. Norton & Company, 22 [pounds sterling]) is the study of a southern French village from medieval times to its present incarnation as a tourist flytrap. It was famous in the 18th century for its silk production.

Helen Maria Williams and the Age of Revolution by Deborah Kennedy (Associated University Presses, 40 [pounds sterling]) examines and elucidates the writings of the hitherto unduly neglected British poet and chronicler of the French Revolution.

War under Heaven: Pontiac, the Indian Nations, and the British Empire by Gregory Evans Dowd (Johns Hopkins, 23.50 [pounds sterling]) interprets the conflict between the American Indians and the British in the 1760s.

A biography of one of the heroes of the American and French Revolutions, Lafayette by Harlow Giles Unger (John Wiley & Sons, 22.50 [pounds sterling]) follows the life of the French soldier and political leader, so popular in the USA, who helped change the course of history.

Focusing on a group of intellectuals and industrialists in the mid-18th century, The Lunar Men: Five Friends Whose Curiosity Changed the World by Jenny Uglow (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 19.55 [pounds sterling]) considers the impact the group--which included James Watt, Erasmus Darwin and Josiah Wedgwood--had on Britain at the start of the Industrial Revolution.

Images of the Outcast by Sean Shesgreen (Manchester University Press, 16. …

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