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General history.(Bibliography)(Bibliography)

Magazine article History Today

General history.(Bibliography)(Bibliography)

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Covering the broadest possible period, The History of Europe: From Ancient Civilisation to the Dawn of the Third Millennium, general editor Dr John Stevenson (Mitchell Beazley, 35 [pounds sterling]), scrutinises the processes and individuals involved in the emergence of the continent as a world force.

Exploring the emergence of modern Scotland by searching the country's past is Stone Voices: The Search for Scotland by Neal Ascherson (Granta Books, 16.99 [pounds sterling]).

The last of the trilogy accompanying the television series, A History of Britain, Volume III: The Fate of Empire 1776-2000 by Simon Schama (BBC Books, 25 [pounds sterling) examines the last two-and-a-quarter centuries through prominent figures and processes.

The Sacred History of Britain by Martin Palmer (Piatkus Books, 18 [pounds sterling) looks at the significance of the spiritual traditions of the nation.

Dorset Families by Rodney Legg (Halsgrove, 19.95 [pounds sterling]) investigates the history of over 30 prominent West Country families.

A companion to a televised programme, Sin City: London in Pursuit of Pleasure by Giles Emerson (Granada Media, 18.99 [pounds sterling]) looks at the vices of the capital city from Roman orgiastic sex to Victorian pornography.

London Shops: The world's emporium by Tara Draper-Stumm and Derek Kendall (English Heritage, 12.95 [pounds sterling]) concentrates on the range of historic shop buildings in the capital.

Using numerous illustrations, The Birmingham Jewellery Quarter: An architectural survey of the manufactories by John Cattail, Sheila Ely and Barry Jones (English Heritage, TBA [pounds sterling]) describes the buildings and industry of the area.

Manchester: The Warehouse Legacy: An introduction and guide by Simon Taylor, Malcolm Cooper and P.S. Barnwell (English Heritage, 7.50 [pounds sterling]) collates five years of research by English Heritage on the city's buildings and their uses.

Britain's Best Buildings by Dan Cruickshank (BBC Books, 25 [pounds sterling]) investigates the architecture of and stories behind historic monuments such as Windsor Castle, Tower Bridge, Blenheim Palace and Durham Cathedral.

Pevsner on Art and Architecture: The Radio Talks by Nikolaus Pevsner (Methuen, 20 [pounds sterling]), a collection of the wide-ranging discussions of one of the 20th century's most influential experts on architecture.

An architectural and historical study, Bridges that Changed the World by Bernhard Graf (Prestel, 19.95 [pounds sterling]) features, among many others, Tower Bridge in London, Australia's Sydney Harbour, Bridge over the River Kwai in Thailand and the Golden Gate in San Fransisco.

Landscape and History since 1500 by Ian D. Whyte (Reaktion, 25 [pounds sterling]) explores attitudes to landscape in Britain and Europe, and discusses how geography, archaeology, culture and heritage interests interact.

Ape to Apollo: Aesthetics and the Idea of Race by David Bindman (Reaktion, 25 [pounds sterling]) tackles the controversial topic of the concepts of race and beauty through the ages. …

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