Magazine article Technology & Learning

Students Learn in Many Ways

Magazine article Technology & Learning

Students Learn in Many Ways

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Multiple Intelligences

People learn in different ways. So says Howard Gardner, father of the Multiple Intelligences theory. He believes that the conventional notion of intelligence is limited because it focuses on just the traditional forms of learning. The more that alternative methods are available to students, the more they will learn. And handheld computers promote this process. Since all students in a class can have handhelds, they can use these tools for the kind of learning that works best for them.

Eight Ways of Learning

While the more traditional methods of instruction focus on words and numbers, learning happens when students use pictures and music too. They learn from social experiences--collaborating with others and self-reflection. And they learn from the physical world of movement and from nature. These eight methods offer alternative approaches. (See the Multiple Intelligences Glossary on page four.)

Technology and Learning

Technology provides a variety of ways to learn--using cooperative learning, simulations, multimedia, virtual field trips, art and music activities, and more. …

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