2002 Ipa Effectiveness Awards: Gold Award - Grand Prix - Bartle Bogle Hegarty for Barnardo's. Sponsored by Financial Times

Article excerpt


Charities rely on donations. Not only does public giving fund their work, it is also a measure of support. It allows charities to be independent of state funding and actively campaign for changes in policy.

Barnardo's, however, had a problem. Its donor base was old - in fact, more than half of givers were over 65. Mostly recruited by direct mail, this group was not only not going to be around forever, it also tended to make one-off gifts - a relatively expensive form of funds. The challenge was to attract a younger, higher value donor.

Even though it had been closing its orphanages since 1966, younger people still associated Barnardo's with these 'old-fashioned' institutions.

Bartle Bogle Hegarty (BBH) looked for a way to communicate the charity's purpose to a younger audience, and identified Barnardo's long-term concern for children's 'emotional health' as a clear point of difference. That vision was distilled as 'giving children back their future'.

The campaign launched in October 1999, with the aim of repositioning the brand as deserving of donations from 35- to 55-year-olds. Face-to-face recruitment was added to the charity's fundraising roster, while direct mail activity was cut back.

The first set of executions showed children acting out their future lives as a result of their disadvantaged early years, while the second featured adults and related their deaths to events in their childhood.

Broadcast press was selected as the ideal medium for the message. Not only would it hit potential donors but it would also attract the attention of opinion formers, the key audience for Barnardo's lobbying activity.

Face-to-face recruiters focused on urban shopping precincts to hit the target audience and sign up committed donors, who give money by standing order. …


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