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Eros: Only FDA-Approved Female Sexual Device. (Developed by a Urologist)

Magazine article Clinical Psychiatry News

Eros: Only FDA-Approved Female Sexual Device. (Developed by a Urologist)

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BIG SKY, MONT. -- The Eros Therapy vacuum device is a highly effective treatment for female sexual dysfunction, Dr. Eric J. Bieber said at an ob.gyn. update sponsored by the Geisinger Health System.

Female sexual dysfunction is a vastly underappreciated problem. An estimated 43% of American women experience female sexual dysfunction, making it a significant public health concern with spillover from the bedroom to other areas of life.

"This is more common than erectile dysfunction. You wouldn't believe that based upon all the direct-to-consumer marketing of Viagra [sildenafil] that exists out there and the lay articles that have been published. It's interesting that people are happy to talk about erectile dysfunction, but people still seem to have discomfort in talking about any level of FSD," said Dr. Bieber, chairman of ob.gyn. at Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, Pa.

Although his study demonstrated the value of Eros Therapy in a population consisting of postmenopausal women not on hormone replacement who were experiencing FSD, the device is Food and Drug Administration-approved for treatment of FSD regardless of age.

"It's worth trying. We've got limited treatment options. Replens [moisturizer] and Astrolube [lubricant] will only get you so far. With folks coming off of HRT due to the Women's Health Initiative, there are going to be a lot of people with atrophic vaginitis, and I think many of them are going to be scared to death of using estrogen," the ob.gyn. said.

The Eros Therapy device, developed by a urologist, is the only therapy specifically approved by the FDA for female arousal and orgasmic disorders. Intermittent application of the gentle suction device to the clitoris during sexual foreplay or self- stimulation causes clitoral engorgement due to increased blood flow This in turn has been shown to result in enhanced genital sensation, greater deep vaginal lubrication, improved ability to experience orgasm, and greater sexual satisfaction. …

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