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Physicians Group Falls Prey to Politically Correct Agenda on Gay Adoption. (Fair Comment)

Magazine article Insight on the News

Physicians Group Falls Prey to Politically Correct Agenda on Gay Adoption. (Fair Comment)

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The main reason gay-rights activists have been so successful is because they've managed to close down debate on their issues, silencing responsible opposition. In 1970, using forged credentials, they crashed the American Psychiatric Association (APA) convention in San Francisco and demanded that the organization take homosexuality off its list of mental disorders. In 1973, after further intimidation, the APA complied.

Today gays don't always resort to hooliganism. Their position has become politically correct. Opposing views routinely are suppressed by the establishment. This happened recently at a convention of the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), which I attended.

A question before the delegates was: Should the organization endorse homosexual adoption? According to established procedure, public-policy issues are reviewed first by the Reference Committee, discussed in open forum, then put to a vote of 100-plus official delegates.

With the Reference Committee meeting on Monday, Oct. 14--and with a gay caucus already lobbying delegates--two physicians and I put together a one-page flier summarizing four scientific studies on the subject that illustrated the risks of homosexual adoption. We began passing out copies to delegates, inviting them to obtain complete texts at our hospitality room.

Eventually I offered a flier to one of the two nonvoting members of the eight-person Reference Committee.

"I'm sorry," he said. "Our chairperson has ordered committee members not to read anything she hasn't given us." At that moment, I suspected the worst.

However, I distributed fliers for a while longer, then returned to our hospitality room to meet with interested physicians. My colleagues continued to hand out fliers. After an hour, they returned to the room.

They'd been threatened with arrest. The AAFP commissars had barred distribution of printed materials on the issue of gay adoption, and since the organization had rented the hotel the management enforced their prohibition. We effectively had been gagged.

What information did the AAFP find so subversive? One of the four abstracts summarized the largest comparative study on the subject of homosexual parents. The survey focused on 58 children in each of three groups: those raised by cohabiting homosexual couples, those raised by cohabiting heterosexual couples and those raised by married couples. …

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