2002 Guide to Financial Aid Lenders. (Special Section: The Economy)

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WHEN IT COMES TO PAYING FOR COLLEGE, students have more options available to them than ever before. Today, almost three-quarters of higher education financial aid comes from federal appropriations or loan guarantees, accounting for more than $74 billion in aid disbursed in 2000-2001 (7 percent more aid than the previous year). On the following pages, University Business presents our exclusive comparison chart of financial aid lenders. In addition to federal loans, many of the companies listed offer private or alternative loan solutions tailored to students' needs. If your college or university is seeking a lending partnership, now you can compare features, services, and vital statistics to find just the right fit.

Company Name and URL                   Stafford   PLUS   Consoli- 
www.aplusfunds.com                        X        X 
Access Group 
www.accessgroup.com                       X                 X 
ALL Student Loan Corp 
www.allstudentloan.org                    X        X        X 
American Education Services/PHEAA 
www.aesSuccess.org                        X        X        X 
AMS Educational Loan Trust 
www.tuitionpay.com                        X        X        X 
ASAP/Union Bank and Trust 
www.asapubt.com                           X        X        X 
Assoc. of American Medical Colleges 
www.aamc.org/medloans                     X                 X 
Bank One 
www.studentloannet.com                    X        X        X 
Bank of America 
www.bofa.com/studentbanking               X        X        X 
Banknorth Student Loan Program 
www.banknorth.com                         X        X 
Beneficial Savings Bank 
www.beneficialsavings.com                 X        X        X 
www.borrowsmart-trust.com                 X        X        X 
Campus Door 
Chase Manhattan Bank 
www.chase.com/educationfirst              X        X        X 
Chela Financial 
www.loans4students.com                    X        X        X 
Citibank Student Loans 
www.studentloan.com                       X        X        X 
Citizens Bank 
www.citizensbank.com                      X        X 
Class Credit 
www.classcredit.com                       X        X        X 
College Foundation Inc 
www.cfnc.org                              X        X        X 
Collegiate Funding Services 
www.2cfs.com                                                X 
www.costep.org                            X        X        X 
CSLF Student Loan Foundation 
www.cslf.com                              X        X        X 
edsouth                                   X        X        X 
Educaid, a First Union Corp 
www.educaid.com                           X        X        X 
Educational Credit Management Corp 
www.ecmc.org                              X        X        X 
Educational Funding Services Inc 
www.efsi.net                              X        X        X 
First Tennessee Bank 
www.firsttenessee.com                     X        X        X 
First Virginia Bank 
www.firstvirginia.com                     X        X 
Firststar Bank 
www.firstarstudentfinance.com             X        X        X 
www.fleet.com/education                   X        X        X 
Hibernia National Bank 
www.hibernia.com                          X        X        X 
us.hsbc.com/personal/student              X        X        X 
www.idapp.com                             X        X        X 
International Education Finance Corp 
www.iefc.com                              X        X 
Iowa Student Loan Liquidity Corp 
www.studentloan.org                       X        X        X 
Key Education Resources 
www. … 


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