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ARTICLES IN THE FOLLOWING INDEX TO SECURITY MANAGEMENT WERE published from January 2002 to December 2002. The full text of many articles (indicated here by the @ symbol) can be accessed through the Security Management Online library ( A searchable index of all articles published since 1957 can also be accessed here and through ASIS Online (

Single copy reprints of individual articles (1995 to date) can be purchased from Northern Light Technologies via telephone (617/621-5200) or fax (617/621-3459). For years prior to 1995, contact Infotrieve at 800/422-4633 or 310/208-1903.

Collections of articles on specific topics have also been reprinted in book form. These reprint series cover such topics as security technology, management practices, workplace violence, and liability. Available titles are listed in the ASIS Bookstore (

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On the Money                                             @    2002 D 49 
Charting an Academic Course                                   2002 D 81 
IP Study (ASIS News)                                         2002 D 150 
The Value of Getting Involved 
  (ASIS News)                                            @   2002 D 152 
Mischaracterization Rebutted 
  (ASIS News)                                                2002 N 148 
The Value of Membership (ASIS News)                      @   2002 O 130 
ASIS Joins National Critical 
  Infrastructure Protection Council 
  (ASIS News)                                                2002 O 131 
ASIS International: Advancing 
  Security Worldwide (ASIS News)                         @   2002 S 244 
Dues Increase (ASIS News)                                   2002 AG 138 
Amsterdam Conference a Success; 
  Name Change Announced (ASIS News)                         2002 JL 178 
ASIS and OHS (ASIS News)                                 @  2002 JE 155 
Your Vote Counts (ASIS News)                             @  2002 JE 156 
Take the Initiative (ASIS News)                          @  2002 MY 133 
Grassroots Recruits (Industry 
  Focus)                                                 @  2002 AP 130 
New Initiatives to Enhance ASIS 
  (Industry Focus)                                       @  2002 MR 150 
Awards Presented in Third Annual 
  ASIS Student Writing Competition 
  (ASIS News)                                                2002 F 122 
Focus on ASIS (ASIS News)                                @   2002 F 122 
Leadership for Today and Tomorrow                        @   2002 JA 63 
ASIS Annual Seminar 
Tradition Sparks Innovation                                   2002 N 82 
Academic Programs in Security 
Charting an Academic Course                                   2002 D 81 
Are Security's Education Efforts 
  Misdirected? (Viewpoint)                               @   2002 D 154 
Helping Students Take to Security 
  (News and Trends)                                      @    2002 S 18 
Security Management: An 
  Introduction (Book Review)                             @  2002 AG 124 
Access Control 
Flying High Without Wires (Working 
  Wise) [Redlands Municipal Airport 
  CA]                                                    @    2002 N 20 
A High-Tech Lobby (Working Wise) 
  [Adobe Systems, CA]                                    @   2002 JL 33 
New Priorities Take Hold in the 
  U.K.                                                   @   2002 JL 48 
How To Maintain Control                                      2002 MY 59 
A Higher Degree of Security 
  (Working Wise) [California 
  Institute of the Arts, CA]                             @   2002 AP 22 
One System, Indivisible                                      2002 JA 79 
The Design and Evaluation of 
  Physical Protection Systems 
  ( Book Review)                                         @  2002 JA 112 
Alarm Systems 
One System, Indivisible                                      2002 JA 79 
The Design and Evaluation of 
  Physical Protection Systems 
  (Book Review)                                          @  2002 JA 112 
Amusements and Recreation 
Not All Fun and Games                                        2002 AG 84 
Ensuring a Smooth Ride                                       2002 AG 92 
Open Spaces in a Tight Spot                              @   2002 JA 46 
Creating Urban Oases (News and 
  Trends) [City Hall Park, 
  New York, NY]                                          @    2002 D 16 
Reexamining Premises for High-Rise 
  Design                                                 @    2002 S 46 
Planting and Shaping Security 
  Success                                                @   2002 AG 71 
Sick of Theft [King's Daughters 
  Medical Center, Ashland, KY]                              2002 JL 136 
How To Maintain Control                                      2002 MY 59 
Designing Trouble Away [Joint 
  Interagency Task Force East, Key 
  West, FL]                                                  2002 MR 90 
Is Security Data Too Accessible? … 


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