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Moving Forward. (Editor's Note)

Magazine article The Masthead

Moving Forward. (Editor's Note)

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Journalism has an ugly history of not being kind to minorities. Nor to women for that matter.

And as for editorial page staffs, it's little wonder that Vanessa Gallman's impression as a young journalist was this: "It was not difficult to see that you could have hung a sign on the door, 'No women and minorities allowed.'"

I remember the woman part--without the race factor. Three decades ago, an older male colleague proudly pronounced to me, a then-green reporter: "We're prejudiced against women in journalism, but that's okay, because we admit it."

And I remember buying my first car about the same time from a black salesman. "I applied to be a reporter at your newspaper once," he said. "But they told me they were not ready for that yet." That being hiring a black reporter.

We've come a long way in journalism since then. We have a long way to go. But I'm proud to know that people in NCEW, an organization I hold dear to my heart, aren't sitting back and waiting "to be ready."

How can we when we have folks among us like Gallman? Or Deborah Locke, one of only two Native American editorial writers in the nation, who challenges us to increase voices like hers? Or Chuck Stokes, whose professionalism as a broadcast journalist raises the bar for all races?

Then there's NCEW member Ruben Navarrette Jr., who writes in a recent issue of Texas Monthly about being challenged about whether he, as a Hispanic who is an editorial writer and columnist for the Dallas Morning News, could objectively cover Tony Sanchez, then a candidate for governor. …

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