Safety Web Links: Safety Is a Hot Topic Right Now. Whether You Are Addressing Fire Safety, Bike Safety, Tool Safety, Personal Safety, or Living Safely in Space, the Web Links We Selected Are a Few of the Best with Information Related to Safety. All of the Sites Have Related Links to Other Sites So You Can Research Any Area in Great Depth. (Web Links)

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If you are looking for safety issues related to a specific topic, use a search engine such as Yahooligans, Yahoo, or Google to find the topic and then refine your search for safety within the topic.

Let's start with one that applies directly to technology education and the use of tools. A simple guide to hand-tool safety is available at http.// Tool_Safety.html. Another good source is the Red Cross site, where you can final safety tips on children's use of common tools at tips/healthtips/tools.html.

Living in Space safely requires teamwork to make the technology work correctly. Visit NASA's site (http:// to see how the, spacesuit works and how astronauts practice using their tools in a water environment on Earth before heading to space.

Playing it safe with electricity along with Safety Cat and his power games ( 0,1566,35,00.html) is a good site for young students just learning about electricity and electrical appliances. The site also includes information on air quality and other issues such as carbon monoxide and natural gas.

Here's a great site for kids about transportation safety. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's "Safety City" site ( has games, movies, topics at students' level, and a place to research. Vince and Larry, the crash dummies, are your guides through a series of fun activities related to bike safety, seat belts, and crash-test research.

Along with traffic safety there is a site that helps students learn about traffic signs and their purposes. It has pictures of each sign and a short description of what each means. Even young students will recognize common signs they see every day. The site is the Manual of Traffic Signs at http:// signman.html.

For skiers and snowboarders, check out the National Ski Patrol site at safety_info_template.asp. Here you'll find the latest information on safe helmets, new products, and how to dress properly for the weather.

Everyday safety issues are covered on The Consumer Product Safety Commission's "Kid Safety" site, http:// There is also some brief information about scooter safety. …


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