'Systemic Approach' Needed in Anti-Terrorism. (Security Beat)

Article excerpt

Despite repeated emphasis on the importance of intelligence sharing, emergency responders are "still waiting for the adoption of a systemic approach to providing the intelligence that is so viral to preventing the next attack," said retired Gen. Dennis J. Reimer.

A former Army chief of staff, Reimer is now director of the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism in Oklahoma City.

"The $3.5 billion to improve the capabilities to deal with man-made disasters at the local level has not yet made it through the appropriation process and consequently, not one penny has been provided to emergency responders," he said.

Reimer said that intelligence is a two-way street, "information needs to flow from top to bottom, and vice versa."

However, intelligence is blocked by the constant requirement to classify material. The intelligence community, he said, has expressed the need for additional personnel that is properly secured. However, running a security clearance for all the additional people would unnecessarily slow down the process, he argued. …


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