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Magazine article Security Management

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What new threats and solutions does 2003 hold? Security Management Online will keep you at the leading edge of the issues. SM Online is constantly updated with reports, papers, surveys, articles, training documents, and more to keep security professionals in the know. The following items represent just a few of the new additions to the site. Also look for the @ symbol throughout the print magazine for reference to supplemental online material.

Smart cards. If smart cards are really poised to take over the world of electronic access control, shouldn't the security industry be familiar with its new leaders? A white paper by the not-for-profit advocacy group the Smart Card Alliance discusses the benefits and explores the workings of contactless access control technology. For example, the paper describes the three types of contactless cards: memory cards, which use a chip to store authentication information; wired logic cards, which contain an electronic circuit to store information, and microcontroller cards, which implement authentication, encryption, and other functions via software or firmware. The paper also guides readers generally through the access control process, discussing such elements as the ID credential, the door reader, the control panel, and the host system. Also analyzed in terms of read range, chip types supported, encryption and authentication functions, memory capacity, and other factors are the three main contactless technologies- -125kHz, ISO/IEC 14443, and ISO/IEO 15693. SM Online takes you to the paper.

Terrorist financing. Al Qaeda's financial network can be likened to the organization itself: both are "deliberately decentralized, compartmentalized, flexible, and diverse," according to a report by an independent task force sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations. The network's redundancies make it even more difficult to curtail the flow of funds that fuels terrorist activity.

The report further finds that after a vigorous international initiative to stanch al Qaeda's money flow immediately after 9-11--with countries such as Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates codifying new money laundering provisions--the effort has lost momentum. No international organization has emerged to direct and coordinate global efforts to combat this problem, the report states. Moreover, no U.S. official has yet been vested with the appropriate mandate and authority to coordinate U.S. efforts, a measure the report advocates. The best course "would be to designate a special assistant to the president dedicated solely to issues related to terrorist financing," according to the council report. But many obstacles lie ahead, including the relative paucity of suspicious activity reports filed by European countries and the prevalence of rudimentary bank supervisory systems in many countries. Learn more from the report at SM Online.

School safety. One of the most crucial decisions facing school administrators concerns whether and how to respond to bomb threats. A school that routinely evacuates may seriously disrupt class time and trigger threats by students seeking a day off. Disregarding the credible threat, however, could be devastating. So bow can schools distinguish between the hoax and the credible threat? An article in the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin points to four factors: credibility, evidence of commitment, ability, and motive. …

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