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Postgraduate History

Magazine article History Today

Postgraduate History

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THE RANGE OF MASTER'S COURSES in history-related subjects continues to expand in British universities, reflecting the appeal of postgraduate study. Choosing to study such a programme allows students to continue their interest in a particular field stimulated at undergraduate level. Alternatively, it may provide a basis for further research for a PhD or MPhil as an MA combines research skills with advanced techniques and theories. But as well as leading to further study, an MA can also give a good grounding for a range of job opportunities, such as in education, journalism or heritage-related companies.

Postgraduate courses can be taken on a full- or part-time basis, allowing flexibility for students to combine their studies with employment or other activities.

Although courses differ in structure, the majority of fulltime MAs last a year while part-time studies last two years. The MA usually consists of modules, both core and elective, which can be taught or require individual research, and a dissertation of between 10,000 and 30,000 words.

Courses will develop relevant historical skills and provide a greater knowledge of the particular historical field chosen. Some are interdisciplinary programmes, allowing specialists from other departments to pass on their expertise.

Included here is a substantial list of postgraduate courses on offer in 2003, though it is not exhaustive and may be subject to change. Further details, contact addresses, telephone and e-mail, can be found on our website,


A GENERIC MA IN History is the most common type at this level of study, although within each course there are a wide variety of module options. The MA in History is a popular choice among those who did not take the subject as their first degree and who might benefit from the research skills, training and historiographical aspects of the course.

The University of Wales, Aberystwyth, has a new MA in Historiography, reflecting the department's research in the flourishing subject.

Warwick's MA in History is a new course in their Graduate Programme. It allows students to create their own MA from optional courses rather than selecting a topic or period. The course Historical Research: Theory, Skill and Method is at the centre of all their MA programmes.

Liverpool Hope's MA in History includes modules on study skills and on medieval, maritime and 20th-century history. Recently established MAs in History at Essex and Northumbria continue; the latter includes core modules on the nature of the discipline and research methods, then a choice of options, such as Northern History since 1760 and Film, Propaganda and the Making of History.

University of Cambridge      MPhil in Historical Studies
Cardiff University           MA in History
University of East Anglia    MA in History
University of Essex          MA in History
University of Exeter         MA in History
University of Glasgow        MPhil/Dip in History
University of Huddersfield   MA in History
University of Leicester      MA in History
Liverpool Hope               MA in History
School of Oriental and       MA in History
African Studies, London
University of Manchester     MA in History
University College,          MA in History
University of Northumbria    MA in History
University of Portsmouth     MA in History
University of                MA in History
University of                Dip/MA in Historical Studies
University of Sunderland     MA in History
University of Sussex         MA in History
University of Teeside        MA in History
University of West of        MA in History
University College,          MA in History
University of Wales,         MA in Historiography
University of Wales,         MA in History
University of Warwick        MA in History
University of York           MA in History by Dissertation
                             Dip/MA in History and Politics


LOCAL AND REGIONAL HISTORY MAs tend to focus on the particular localities of the individual universities, for example at Bath Spa University College, Birkbeck College, Manchester Metropolitan and Newcastle. …

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