Magazine article Supervisory Management

Daydreams and Dialogues: Keys to Motivation

Magazine article Supervisory Management

Daydreams and Dialogues: Keys to Motivation

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Daydreams and Dialogues: Keys to Motivation

If you're like most managers, you've probably attended at least one meeting during your career designed to motivate the attendees. The speakers at such meetings usually do a good job of motivating--at least initially. Their goal is to help stimulate people by inspiring new ideas and new resolve to get the job at hand done. The trouble is that, inspiring though it may be, all this motivation is temporary. An hour or two of being told "you can do it" can't be expected to last. Saying that real motivation comes from within might sound too simplistic--but it's the truth. How to get the inner self to become motivated is what's complex, and it's what you need to do to get a grand new vision of all that you can accomplish.

The inner dialogue

Psychologists refer to the ways we direct ourselves to relate to the world as self-talk. Whether internally or out loud, we all talk to ourselves--and what we say conditions our feelings and attitudes toward life.

When we need to make decisions, we often find ourselves in conflict, and our self-talk takes the form of both negative and positive voices. Your negative voice might tell you, "You're not doing this right," "This will never get done," "Things could be worse--and they probably will be." Sometimes it might convince you to avoid responsibility: "They want too much from you--just don't do it," or "You won't do this right so why do it at all."

Positive, or ally voices, will give you, on the other hand, the support you need to get things done. The positive voice is encouraging, determined, and optimistic. "This is an adventure--and adventures are fun!" "Everything's going to work out fine." "You can make your dreams a reality." "Don't doubt or second-guess--just do it!"

Positive over negative

The key to inner motivation is to make your positive voices stronger than your negative voices. There are several steps involved:

Affirmation. Scientists tell us that the brain can't distinguish between a real experience and an imaginary one. Try imagining sucking on a lemon--you'll automatically begin to salivate. In the same way, you can let positive affirmations take charge and provide you with the motivation you want. …

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