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Byline: Ginanne Brownell in London; BJ Sigesmund

The Beatles' Very Last Show

The Beatles never reunited after that exhilarating, to-hell-with-everything rooftop concert where John Lennon told the crowd he hoped they'd passed the audition. And only once after Lennon's death did Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr ever play together again. That was at a reunion at Harrison's Friar Park mansion in 1994, where they'd planned to rerecord some of their own standards. But they tried to get through "Let It Be," found it an emotional Mount Everest and fell back on knocking around some favorites from their Liverpool days: Chuck Berry songs, "Blue Moon of Kentucky"--even "Ain't She Sweet."

A minute of the proceedings--which may have lasted 10 hours--was released in 1996. But around April 1, EMI will put out a DVD with about an hour of the session. What we probably won't get is much of the bickering between Harrison (who died in 2001) and McCartney. And probably no electric guitar: Starr has said they unplugged. For that, you want McCartney's upcoming U.K. concert tour--planned, hardly coincidentally, for April.

Ginanne Brownell in London

Q&A: Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson was in Hawaii for only a single day to shoot Fox's Feb. 28 "Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding," the "Baywatch" reunion movie. That's all the time she could spare from family life with the kids and husband-to-be Kid Rock, such activities as a rumored Miller Lite "catfight" commercial and her literary career. (Details on that below.) NEWSWEEK's B. J. Sigesmund debriefed her.

Just one day?

I have a three-day rule for my kids, and I had to fly out and fly back. The producers crammed in as much as they could. I don't even know what I said or did, but I think it was fun. I wore a few bathing suits.

You've written a column for Jane magazine since last year. …

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