Smoking Cessation No Help for Postoperative Acne Inversa. (Recurrences Common)

Article excerpt

PORTO, PORTUGAL --Smoking is a major triggering factor for the development of acne inversa, but quitting does not appear to benefit the postoperative course of the disease, Dr. M. Hagedorn said at the 23rd Congress of the International Society for Dermatologic Surgery.

In a series of 85 patients with this progressively debilitating disease, recurrences were seen almost as often in patients who stopped smoking as in those who continued, he said.

Eleven patients quit smoking after their surgery; they had a recurrence rate of 64%. Among the 65 patients who continued to smoke, the recurrence rate was 68%, he said.

Of the nine nonsmokers, four experienced recurrence and five remained dear, said Dr. Hagedorn, who is medical director of the Hautklinik, Darmstadt, Germany.

"Nicotine is well known as a risk factor for acne inversa," he said. Unfortunately smoking cessation leaves the problem unresolved, he said.

Reported risk factors other than smoking include stress, mechanical irritation, and hormones, Dr. Hagedorn said at the conference.

Acne inversa, which was formerly known as hidradenitis suppurativa, is an infundibulo-folliculitis of the apocrine gland--bearing areas characterized by the development of abscesses, fistuals, bacterial infection, and scarring. Its etiology is unknown. …


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