Magazine article Technology & Learning

Word Attack. (Lesson)

Magazine article Technology & Learning

Word Attack. (Lesson)

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Grade Level(s): Elementary

Subject Area: Language Arts/Reading

Software: Classroom Wizard and Skills Connection from Scantron,

Technology: Palm handheld computer

Lesson Description: Students learn to analyze base words, prefixes, and suffixes so they can determine an accurate definition for words that aren't sight vocabulary.

Objectives: Students understand how to analyze and define multisyllabic words.

Students demonstrate their ability to define words by taking apart their components and to correctly build new words by adding a prefix and/or suffix to existing base words. Students practice using multisyllabic words correctly in oral and written work.

Vocabulary: base word, foot word, prefix, suffix

* Before the Lesson: Teachers ...

1. Select test questions from Skills Connection that address base word, prefix, and suffix word identification skills. (See SAMPLE QUESTIONS on the left.)

2. Import the test questions into Classroom Wizard.

* Lesson:

1. You know the word "reformer" What are the parts of this word? (Answer: "form" is the base or root word, "re" is a prefix and "er" is a suffix.) What does it mean? (Answer: a person who changes something. …

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