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Sky-High Hopes for the Future

Magazine article Marketing

Sky-High Hopes for the Future

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Sky-high hopes for the future

In the furore over the immediate consequences of the creation of British Sky Broadcasting there is a danger of overlooking what it suggests for the future of the media industry at large. There are pointers to winners and losers beyond the staff retained or made redundant.

While the merger is not good news for the terrestrial television stations, it must provide succour to the newspaper industry. On the other hand, it does not augur well for Euro-media.

Since the onset of the TV Age, newspapers have had to cope with the decline of what has been called the "typographic mind" (the ability to "read" in the traditional sense: actively "conversing" rather than passively accepting; assessing tone and judging arguments; handling abstractions).

The 70s and much of the 80s saw newspaper redesigns look less wordy, less offputting. There was also a significant switch from broadsheet to tabloid. The effect was to change many newspapers' place in the information ecology, simply by making them more approachable and more a source that could be dipped into.

A longer term response to the slide away from reading should, we believe, be to strengthen people's motivations to look at the paper more intently, to use it more pro-actively. …

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