Magazine article Technology & Learning

Collaborative Learning. (the Handheld Educator)

Magazine article Technology & Learning

Collaborative Learning. (the Handheld Educator)

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Working Together

Research shows that both competition and cooperation are important to child development, and sports often provide a model for how human interaction serves a larger purpose. There are many superstars, the result of individuals striving to be their very best. But for success on the field, team effort makes the difference. Working in teams makes a difference in the classroom too. It's actually a great way to learn.

Piece Work

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. When students brainstorm and share information, they learn from one another, and their creativity knows no limits. When students share and compile ideas in groups, they spark creative new thinking in one another. This excitement is the key to making learning a valued experience. And the final result is much richer and more layered than the product of any one individual working alone.

Making Collaboration Work

Collaborative learning needs the right conditions. Students need a voice in the decision-making process. Teachers set the framework for learning, provide options for activities, encourage students to assess what they learn, and serve as mentors. Then students can build on the cumulative knowledge, personal experiences, language, strategies, and culture that each one brings and shares. …

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