OPINION: Marketing Society - Give Staff Say in Strategy to Get More from Less

Article excerpt

In any prison, there are three types of prisoner: the one who sits tight, does his bird and waits for his sentence to finish; the one who starts digging a tunnel through three walls and 100m of solid rock; and the one who sits down and thinks, 'How can I make money out of this? Hmm, pass me a pencil'.

For businesses, being in a recession is like being in prison - the walls start moving in as growth slows and rivals move from being a vague threat to the big mean guy in the next bunk who's just eaten your breakfast.

It can be hard to ask yourself in this position how you can make more money out of the situation, but that is the task facing companies now. Or to put it another way, how can you get more from less?

If a company is to succeed at getting more from less, waste and inefficiency must be excised and marketplace impact maximised. This will only be achieved if every part of the company is working in harmony to maximise its effectiveness in the market.

Company structure and culture must be indivisible from the brand vision.

Too often the brand becomes merely a smokescreen thrown up to present a company's products in the most favourable way. Increasingly, consumers have the nous to see beyond the smokescreen and question the gap between the image and reality.

Achieving harmony and focus - aligning the structure, culture and brand with the market need - is hard when the market environment is changing.

Particularly when business reorganisation seems to clog up, slow down and take the eye off the day-to-day issues in the business. …