Magazine article Russian Life

Mysteries of Ice Fishing

Magazine article Russian Life

Mysteries of Ice Fishing

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As a rule, a city person who doesn't make his living from fishing spends a lot more money on a fishing trip than he earns back in fish. But this isn't such a big deal, is it?

He who decides to go ice fishing deprives himself of the urban pleasures of Friday nights -- evening drinks, going out on the town and what not. But he makes the sacrifice without the slightest pang of regret. He knows the value of this fatal passion, "my ice fishing," with its accompanying auto breakdowns, snow strandings, foul weather and road jitters. And he will never give it all up for the dubious pleasures of the City.

He knows that his job is only something to spend (kill) time between fishing trips.

He knows how long He has worked to get out There.

He knows why He is going There.

And quite often He even knows that He will not bring any Fish back from There. Because He is not going There simply to get Fish.

Leaving the city in darkness, stopping to pick up your doubles--other fishermen--you feel like you are approaching your true Self.

You only take along the essentials, which depend on the length of your trip. This junk can be anything you like, as long as it is useful to you and does not distract anyone. From fishing.

Because one always goes fishing with the hope of healing. And even when you come back home with your head on straight, you start feeling an irresistible craving for this so-called "hobby."

No matter how long he fishes, every fisherman's dream to catch the biggest fish ever never dies.

It is impossible to compare this world with any other; it is a world in which you are not simply resting or working.

What is this ice fishing?

Why would a person, who can buy any fish in a store go fishing?

Of course, there is no explanation.

Business leaders, managers, stock market experts and even common Russian taxpayers will confirm this after returning from an ice fishing trip. Conversing with their beloved wives and children.

Venturing out onto the ice for the first time, especially if it is crackling ominously under your feet, you do not think about fishing, but about work, children, debts and that you really do not want to die so young and in quite this manner ...

But you do not hurry. Over there, to the right, a guy came out of the woods, apparently in a hurry. …

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