Time Urgency, Impatience Portend Hypertension. (Young Adults)

Article excerpt

CHICAGO -- Afeelingof time urgency and impatience in young adults is a strong predictor that they will develop hypertension within the next 13 years, LiJing L. Yan, Ph.D., reported at the annual scientific sessions of the American Heart Association.

The relationship is graded and independent of traditional hypertension risk factors. The stronger a young adult's sense of time urgency, the greater the likelihood of subsequently developing hypertension at a relatively early age, said Dr. Yan of Northwestern University, Chicago.

She reported on 3,142 young black and white men and women who participated in the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute--sponsored "Coronary Artery Risk Development In young Adults" (CARDIA) study The participants were aged 18-30 at baseline, and have been tracked prospectively for 15 years.

Investigators classified the subjects into quintiles based on formal assessment of their time urgency/impatience at baseline and again 2 years into the study, then determined 13 years later how many had become hypertensive.

The 13-year incidence of hypertension was 13% in people in the lowest quintile of time urgency/impatience, 14% in those in the second quintile, 15% in the middle group, 16% in the fourth quintile, and 17% in those with the highest baseline level of time urgency/ impatience. …


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