Magazine article U.S. Catholic

Teach with Love. (You May Be Right)

Magazine article U.S. Catholic

Teach with Love. (You May Be Right)

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THE PRIEST WHO WROTE FEBRUARY'S EXAMINED LIFE ("One gay priest's story," by Father Raymond Calabrese) raised some interesting points. There is no excuse for anyone, especially his fellow clergymen, using words like "fag." And the denial of legal rights to homosexuals is problematic.

C. S. Lewis said that Christians should recognize that most of their fellow citizens aren't believers and that England shouldn't expect the state to legislate Christian morality on divorce. But he saw divorce as an immoral institution. I believe that is how homosexuality should be approached by the Catholic Church.

The human dignity of those who struggle with homosexuality should be recognized, and these problems should be addressed with Christ's love, not government restrictions. But that does not mean the constant teaching of Christian tradition should be rejected, which is what must be done if homosexuality is to be seen as anything but a disorder, and acting on this disorder as anything but sin.

I know that as a seminarian and, God willing, future priest, I would fail to show God's love if I were to act unkindly to those who deal with this temptation. But I'm also certain that if I failed to fully teach the authentic Catholic position on homosexuality, I would be committing an act of pure hatred. My silence would allow people to continue in a lifestyle that leads to separation from God.

Ryan Larson
Mundelein, Ill.

I have known for a while that your magazine leans to the left, but having a pro-gay article in a supposedly Catholic magazine is ridiculous! Any person with common sense can put two and two together concerning the correlation between gay priests and the sex-abuse scandal going on in the church today.

I understand that, living in a secular society, we must accept people who may live different lifestyles, but I do not have to accept the same thing from a priest. To the people who are gay I say: Find a religion that accepts your decisions, but do not try to force your agenda down the rest of our throats. As Catholics we must stay true to the Bible and holy tradition and demand that homosexual priests be driven out of the priesthood.

To save our church financially as well as spiritually the pope needs to put in place policies that will allow seminaries and bishops to root out homosexual priests. …

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