Brain Drain, Euro Style

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"Europeans with real 'get-up-and-go' go to the U.S. because they are hindered by an ever-increasing array of European rules, regulations and restrictions."

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I WAS VERY SURPRISED to read some of the content of this artiele ("U.S. business community slow to reaet to exodus of specialized talent, experts say, February 13). I suspect that (economist and author) Richard Florida has spent little time himself actually living and working in Europe.

As a human resource and executive search consultant working in Europe the last 10 years, I have experienced a real "brain drain" of Europeans in Europe. Where do these people go? Mostly to the U.S. Europeans with real "get-up-and-go" go to the U.S. because they are hindered by an ever-increasing array of European rules, regulations and restrictions coming from a select group of Eurocrats in Brussels.

Europeans who have no real drive and ambition remain in Europe, living comfortable and secure lives wallowing in the glory days of their past empires. Has Mr. Florida any knowledge of the overK protective employment laws on the continent of Europe? Does he know that it is extremely difficult and costly to make redundancies in Europe-save for the U.K., which is more like the U.S.?

No wonder Europe is beginning to lag behind other leading economies worldwide. The only defense it can muster is to become even more protective of its companies and markets, as opposed to taking a leap forward, embracing change and effectively investing in making a concerted effort to retain its most ambitious workforce. Beller still would be to instill flexible labor laws and reduce employer-employee costs.

The Americans should he happy that they attract the brightest and most driven Europeans. Maybe they just need to do a better job of keeping them, perhaps by providing more readily available Camembert, stocked by the likes of a Wal-Mart.

Emma Stone

Project manager, Europe

Horizon Group Global



ONE ISSUE THAT SEEMS to be overlooked in this argument ("Employers fire back at law making it a felony to ban guns on company premises," January 30) is the fact thai the stales that pass these parking-lot laws also have laws allowing (people to have) permits to carry concealed weapons. …


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