Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Letters to the Editor

Magazine article Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Letters to the Editor

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Don't Sell Out

I just began reading my March 2006 issue of your magazine, starting with the letters to the editor, particularly the one on The Nation continuing to publish FLAME ads in its publication. There is a boycott effort going on right now as a result; you probably know this. I've been personally boycotting The Nation ever since I read playwright Arthur Miller's article on racist Israel's right to exist which often results in the lynching of Palestinians, because I've yet to read anything that "balanced" it by say, the KKK's claim they have a right to lynch blacks. So you must know I was a bit taken aback when I landed on p. 29 of your magazine and saw a large color advertisement soliciting my subscription for none other than The Nation. What? Aren't you indirectly supporting The Nation by taking their money to place ads in your magazine asking us to subscribe to their racist newspaper in the very same issue that included this letter about the racist ads? Seems a bit hypocritical, don't you think? I know you need money, but we really shouldn't lower our principals to get it.

Karen Spence, Cambridge, MA

Since you no longer read The Nation, you won't know that the ad you saw in our March issue was an exchange for an ad in The Nation for this magazine. In other words, no money changed hands, and Nation readers will learn that they can get accurate information (as opposed to fallacies and lies) about the Middle East from the Washington Report. Nor, as y ou noted indirectly, did the presence of the Nation ad preclude us from criticizing our fellow publication's advertising policy. We humbly accept your implicit compliment.

Editorial Nerve

I was pleased to read your comment in response to my letter in your March 2006 issue in which you ever-so-gingerly whispered the position that you are "deeply troubled" by the persecution of Holocaust revisionists by the German and Austrian governments, even if you hasten to say that you have no interest in the subject of the Holocaust controversies themselves, since you do not apparently consider it related to your interests, which concern only "the current situation in the Middle East." I regard this as a major advance over an editorial comment you made to an earlier letter of mine in which you said that Holocaust revisionists were people who claimed that nothing bad happened to the Jews during World War II. I almost canceled my subscription over that. I'm glad I stayed.

All I can say is that if you don't know that the Holocaust is the central political, financial and emotional prop for the Zionist government of Israel in securing U.S. and other Western support for their aggressions and thus a major factor in all the matters that concern your magazine then I would be surprised, because I respect your intelligence. I think your lack of interest can be traced to other causes and they are related to editorial nerve. Need I elaborate?

Or maybe you just believe all the stories. That would really disappoint me!

Congratulations on spicing up your pages with the comments of imported writers including Ian Williams, Juan Cole, Charley Reese, Andrew Cockburn and others.

Albert Doyle, Sanibel, FL

We humbly accept your explicit compliments. While we certainly are aware of the use of the Holocaust in drumming up support for or stifling criticism of Israeli policies-see p. 28 for our latest update on U.S. taxpayer support for the Holocaust Museum, for example-we do not want or intend to turn this magazine into the Washington Report on Holocaust Affairs (in any case, the name undoubtedly already has been copyrighted). Ultimately, the actual number of European Jews killed in World War II-whether three million, six million or 16 million-has no effect on our objection to Israel's ethnic cleansing. We will always oppose it-especially when we're paying for it!

An Overseas Partner

I have just received a copy of your excellent magazine-thank you! …

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