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Unwinding through the Years

Magazine article Drug Topics

Unwinding through the Years

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When the pressure builds up and the boiler is about to blow after a red hot day at the drugstore, what do you do to release the steam? Me? I play bongo drums. While my pharmacy skills have been learned over 30 years, my bongo skills are brand new. After a half-hour of creative percussion, I sleep like it is the lOth day of a three-week vacation.

There was a time, years ago, when I squeezed out the tension and frustration of a long, tough day at the pharmacy with Scotch whisky. Too much, I think, but that was the midsixties and, in the pharmacy community, you were looked on as socially compromised if you didn't drink a bit. We barbecued, smoked tobacco, and drank alcohol until our teeth were numb. I wore a short Ivy League haircut, jacket and tie, and we R.Ph.s talked shop on the lawn. Our wives stayed away from us.

Those were the days before locked-up pharmacies and differential hours. No pharmacist. The front doors stayed locked. I worked for a chain in California and put in two 13hour days a week. In 1965, at the end of one of those brutal days, I'd watch Johnny Carson and sip whisky to unwind. It wasn't a good idea, but I did it. I came to think long hours were normal, like a dog that is kicked every day expects to be booted regularly.

Last winter, a new R.Ph. gave me a 20-something, wolflike stare after listening to my reminiscing. "You actually put up with hours like that?"

My smile was grim. "it was a different time, a different attitude and ... for sure ... a different profession then." I felt like the wimp bugs were crawling all over me when I realized that I was acting as an apologist for an intolerable situation.

Then he said, "No way ... ever!" He wasn't smiling.

A few years later, my hair much longer and sporting long sideburns, I said things like Cool, man! and Right on! I stopped eating 14-ounce steaks in favor of salads and Asian food. …

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