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Sensible Advice for a Heart-Healthy Diet

Magazine article Work & Family Life

Sensible Advice for a Heart-Healthy Diet

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The American Heart Associations No-Fad Diet avoids the extremes of many diet books on the bestseller list these days. It encourages good nutrition, eating fewer calories and getting more physical activity.

Here are 10 diet tips from the book. Some are familiar, but several seem new and worth a try:

1 Set a personal weight-loss goal and write it down. You might start, for example, with a goal of losing 10 percent of your current body weight.

2 Keep a food diary for one week-and write down everything you eat and drink.

3 Pay special attention to what you are eating now and why. Identify the sources of your personal "hidden" calories such as eating your child's leftovers.

4 Substitute fat-free or low-fat milk for whole milk, and save about 65 calories for each eight-ounce serving.

5 Pay attention to nutrition labels. Be aware that products labeled "low-fat," such as yogurt, can be very high in sugar and calories. Eat fat-free, no-sugar-added yogurt instead.

6 Include more high-fiber foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables in your diet. Because whole grains take longer to digest, they make you feel full longer. Because fruits and vegetables contain a lot of water, they provide volume but not calories. …

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