Magazine article Sunset

Sunset's Open House

Magazine article Sunset

Sunset's Open House

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More fragrances our readers can't forget

I am always thrilled to receive my latest issue of Sunset but was especially excited to see the August issue highlight fragrant flowers ("Unforgettable Garden Fragrances," page 70). I thought that surely my favorite summer garden flowertuberose (Polianthes tuberosa)-would be included. One small bud from the flower stalk is sufficient to perfume a whole room. The fragrance invariably transports me back to Hawaii, where tuberose is a favorite lei flower. It's a cinch to grow, and is a reliable bloomer in my Petaluma garden.

Lisa Martz


Thanks for the article on garden fragrances. We are fortunate to have many of the shrubs and perennials you describe in [our] yard. However, you didn't list one of my favorites: Philadelphus (mock orange). We have two large fountains of this beautiful shrub, which, in June, produces a lavish display of white flowers that infuse our kitchen entry with the tartsweet scent of orange blossoms.

Annette M. Olson SEATTLE

How could you possibly omit Osmanthus fragrans (sweet olive)? It is even listed in the "Fragrant Plants" section of the Sunset Western Garden Book.

Roy K. Imazu


Put the spine back on Sunset

I didn't say anything when you changed your logo. I could live with that. But now you have gone too far. Where is your spine, man? Your August issue is put together with staples. That just won't do. Most of your readers retain back issues. We depend on the printing on the spine to help us find featured articles. Bring back the spine, man.

Chooi Eng Grosso SAN FRANCISCO

I just received my August edition and was thoroughly disappointed with the new binding. I keep my Sunset magazines on a bookshelf and constantly refer back to them-by the month and year-and the new binding is just not conducive or convenient for library storage and retrieval of information. Please bring back the original bound format (rather than the cheaper stapled format).

Laura Kobler


Editor's note: Sunset was bound with the "saddle-stitch" process using staples for many years prior to October 1991, when we switched to the "perfect-bound" process using glue. Readers told us the "perfect" binding made it difficult for them to hold the pages open while following recipes and step-by-step gardening and home improvement projects.

Salmon recipe wins againwith thimbleberries

I tried Roger McDorman's second-place recipe, "Thyme-encrusted King Salmon with Blackberry Gastrique," featured in the August issue (page 114). …

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