The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ

Article excerpt

The Chinese Face of Jesus Christ. Vol. 3a. Edited by Roman Malek, S.V.D. Sankt Augustin, Ger.: Institut Monumenta Serica and China Zentrum, 2005. Pp. xvi, 466. euro60.

This book is the latest addition to a monumental interdisciplinary project that aims at unfolding the many faces and images of Jesus Christ in China. The task was originally conceived as a collection of five single volumes, three of them for scholarly essays and original texts. The fourth one is for an annotated bibliography, index, and glossary; and the final tome will present artistic representations of Jesus. The first two volumes, published in 2002 and 2003, covered the period from the Tang to the end of the Qing dynasty. They were well received by the scholarly community, Sinologists and non-Sinologists alike. The material on the modern and contemporary period proved to be so rich that the editor decided to divide volume 3 into two. The present volume covers the first half of the twentieth century, while volume 3b will focus on the contemporary period.

Volume 3a will not disappoint readers. The thirteen scholarly essays and the twenty-four texts of the anthology section paint a rich and diverse portray of Jesus, reflecting the variety of contexts and issues of the period. …