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Highlights from the current awareness citation journal on library and information technology published at U. C. Berkeley

Electronic Publishing

Dietz, Steve, and Margaretta Sander. "Unlocking Museum Information with SGML" Spectra: Journal of the Museum Computer Network [ -mcn/] 23(4) (Summer 1996): 16-17.-A concise, informative introduction to the benefits of applying the SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) standard for electronic publishing and document management. The article will be a useful resource for any type of organization considering its document access needs; the writers cite examples of successful applications in the museum world for illustration of how SGML can work in the real world.-RR

Harter, Stephen P. "The Impact of Electronic Journals on Scholarly Communication: A Citation Analysis" The Public-Access Computer Systems Review [] 7(5) (1996).-Electronic journals have been available on the Internet for years, but there have been few studies on their impact on scholarly communication. This citation study attempts to answer that key question by comparing citation statistics of electronic journals begun prior to 1993 with citation statistics of print journals. The author concludes that "the great majority of scholarly, peer-reviewed e-journals have had essentially no impact on scholarly communication in their respective fields," but nonetheless acknowledges that this is the case partly due to publishing far fewer articles, in general, then their print counterparts. Therefore, even though the overall impact of ejournals appears to be slight, the impact of the typical e-journal article is high. Of all the e-journals examined in this study, PACS Review (in the field of library and information science) emerged as the most successful.-RT

MacEwan, Bonnie, and Mira Geffner. "The Committee on Institutional Cooperation Electronic Journals Collection (CIC-EJC): A New Model for Library Management of Scholarly Journals Published on the Internet" The Public-Access Computer Systems Review [ mace7n4.html] 7(4) (1996).-An overview of a cooperative project to catalog, archive, and provide structured access to a collection of electronic journals. Access to all titles is provided by linking to the publisher's site, but they are also building an archive to serve as a permanent record should the original be destroyed or discontinued. The Web site provides for searching and browsing by topic or title. All journals in the collection are cataloged with standard MARC records that are distributed to OCLC and member institutions. The URL for each title is included in the 856 field of the MARC record to facilitate access from the catalog record. …


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