Magazine article Personnel Journal

Dialogue: Off the Cuff

Magazine article Personnel Journal

Dialogue: Off the Cuff

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Has the work ethic died?

Dan Bonsick

Senior HR Representative Harris Semiconductor Mountaintop, Pennsylvania

I've seen differences in work ethic vary across businesses and across plants within the same company. Where employees are challenged and rewarded for the work they do, the work ethic will be high. Where there's a less-rewarding environment, the work ethic may be dying. The way to build a work ethic is to nurture loyalty-the employee to the company and the company to the employee.

Lawrence W. Mills

Director of Human Resources Organization of Ancillary Services State University of New York Oneonata, New York

There will always be individuals whose work ethic is so strong that they will be terrific workers regardless of what they do or how they have to do it. However, I believe the days of most people doing the work they do for the joy of it are gone. People now have a fear ethic instead. The greed mentality that began in the 1980s is the culprit. It's sad.

Martin M. Greller

Director, MBA Program University of Wyoming Laramie, Wyoming

The work ethic is alive and well. The real question for HR managers is whether their organizations maintain a habitat in which the work ethic can thrive. …

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