O'Reilly Releases Book about CD Publishing

Article excerpt

O'Reilly & Associates has announced the release of Electronic Publishing on CD-ROM, a guide to both the technical and operational aspects of CD-ROM publishing. Because CD-ROMs are inexpensive to manufacture, store, and ship, publishing has become a more democratic activity-CD-ROM titles are being developed by small "garage" startups as well as by established media companies.

Electronic Publishing on CD-ROM begins with an overview of the CD-ROM development process, from initial product planning through final production of the CD-ROM image. It examines examples and alternatives for the design, authoring, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of CD-ROMs. In addition, it provides detailed information on the costs of CDROM publishing projects-staff, manufacturing, and phases of development.

On the technical front, Electronic Publishing on CD-ROM covers electronic document authoring systems (e.g., Adobe's Acrobat, Macromedia's Director, Apple's HyperTalk) and discusses traditional and emerging document standards and formats (e.g., SGML, HTML, Java), as well as physical disc standards (e.g., ISO 9660, HFS). And, the book includes an extensive list of resources, a glossary, and a bibliography. …


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