Magazine article Government Finance Review

The First President's Address

Magazine article Government Finance Review

The First President's Address

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Delivered September 26, 1906, bySamuelB. Williams, City Comptroller, Rochester, New York

To the Officers and Members of the National Association of Comptrollers and Accounting Officers:


I was highly honored at the preliminary meeting held in Washington last winter, by being selected as the first President of this Association. I am glad that so many have attended this meeting, and hope that the interest will continue until the result will be a large and permanent organization.

To have uniform accounting so that the Government and State officials can promptly make their reports, which are beneficial to so many, would be a step in the right direction. An exchange of reports by different officials, showing the exact conditions prevailing in their respective localities, would help bring about the uniform report.

Besides the interesting subjects that will be presented by the officials whom we all respect and honor, which no doubt will be fully discussed by the members present, are several other subjects that some of us, perhaps, would like to have talked about, either in the public sessions, or private conference. If this is done, then everyone can take away full rations, for there will be enough and to spare.

What is the best method of getting competition in purchases made for the city?

How to collect the business licenses due the city, as well as its revenue outside taxation?

How to secure money for the General Sinking Fund, when the officials who have charge of preparing the Tax Levy decline to place an adequate amount in the levy?

In regard to the Pension Funds for the Firemen, Policemen and Teachers: Should this be a regular, uniform charge in the Tax Levy, or should it be partially that, and the balance a "catch as catch can" from the different business licenses and revenues due to the city?

How to treat the so-called unbalanced bids for Local Improvements?

When you have no independent press, how can you interest the citizens in regard to city business? How can that information be made known?

Should not the public be advised as to the exact expenditures of the different departments?

How can you get a good office force of able and competent young men, when such material is not on the eligible list, and you have no exemptions from same? …

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