Magazine article Drug Topics

What's Hot: From Tongue Cleaners to Shark Cartilage

Magazine article Drug Topics

What's Hot: From Tongue Cleaners to Shark Cartilage

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Make money. Now, there's a phrase heard less often in drugstores these days. But straight from the Chain Drug Marketing Association (CDMA) fall show and conference, there's new hope.

Presented here, in no particular order, is the unofficial list of hot items from the late-September meeting in San Antonio. All costs are approximate, retail prices. Unless noted, comments come from CDMA buyers, who identified these items either from their own purchases or after talking to buyers and sellers on the exhibit floor.

Tongue cleaners: Help reduce bad breath by cleaning the tongue. There are two these from two different companies. The Orafresh cleaner (seen on TV programs such as "20/20") costs $1.99-$2.99. It's made by Alwin Enterprises, 1-(800) 749-4553. The Oralgiene tongue cleaner twin pack, $2.45, is from Breathies International, (818) 787-9836.

Home Access test kits for HIV-1: Home Access Health Corp. claims to have "the first anonymous home test and counseling system cleared by the Food & Drug Administration to offer 24-hour preand post-test counseling seven days a week." The price of the test is $40$50, depending on speed of processing the test. The company can be reached at (847) 781-2504.

Breathe Clearly vaporizer: This inexpensive plug-in vaporizer is smaller than palm-sized. The major profit comes from small, disposable pads for it. The vaporizer sells for $8$10; the pads, $2.99 for a one-week supply. The vaporizer is made by SeaBand International, (401) 841-5900.

-Shark cartilage products: Shark cartilage products are said to enhance muscle, bone, and joints. The products cost $7-$8, from Sundown Vitamins,1-(800) 327-0908.

Zim's Crack Creme: This cream for chapped, cracked hands has enjoyed excellent sales from spot tags on local radio. The cream sells for $3. It's made by ISA, (717) 838-9386.

Ice Drops: Dozens of these tiny bottles of breath freshener are being sold per store per week, at two for $1. Ice Drops is made by Oralabs, (303) 783-9499.

Sweet Georgia Brown nail enamel, li stick, eye shadow: "Hot, hot, hot, especially the nail enamel." The products sell for about $2. They come from R.H. Cosmetics, (203) 637-8364.

Ready BrushPocket toothbrush with handle containing toothpaste: Pumping the handle of this toothbrush puts gel into the bristles. Its cost ranges from 88 cents to $1.99. The maker, Ready Products, can be reached at (203) 795-6660. (Several similar products were also exhibited.)

FM Sounds "World's Smallest Radio." No bigger than a hearing aid, this radio fits in one ear. AM or FM, the tiny item can be used for anything from sporting events to travel to livening up dull meetings. The price ranges from $14.99 to $19.99. The radio is made by American Technology Corp., 1-(800) 41-RADIO.

Basic Products in-store gift catalogue: This company allows stores to sell 3,000 nationally advertised products without any inventory. For $114, the store buys 60 color catalogues that last 12 months. Basic Products can be reached at (412) 381-0600.

Top Hits: Now consumers can purchase a single cassette or CD of the most popular music selections on the radio right in their store. The consumer buys one item instead of buying multiple CDs or cassettes. Cassettes cost $3.99, and CDs are $4.99, from Top Hits, (847)-537-1690.

Highest-quality, value-priced video, audio, CD-ROM, and software for family entertainment. …

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